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“Hardwork Does Not Pay, It Kills” — Reno Omokri




“Hardwork Does Not Pay, It Kills” — Reno Omokri

Nigerian Lawyer and bestselling Author, Reno Omokri took to social media to air his thoughts on handwork.

He shared a post via his twitter page stating that although being hardworking is a good trait, it never really pays and it ages one before his/her time. He expressed that Smartwork pays and not Hardwork.

“Hardwork Does Not Pay, It Kills” — Reno Omokri

He added:

I read an actor’s write up about a poor, hardworking and honest man who treats his wife like a Queen. Not possible! If you are poor, hardworking and honest, you can treat your wife well. But even in Scripture, it takes MONEY to look after a Queen!

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