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Hushpuppi’s Girlfriend Shares Photos Of Her New Lover (Photos)



Hushpuppi's Girlfriend Shares Photos Of Her New Lover (Photos)

Hushpuppi’s alleged girlfriend, Amirah Dyme has taken to her Instagram page to share pictures of her new partner.

She lady seems to have gotten over Hushpuppi who wasarrested by the FBI for duping over 1.9million people to the tune of over 160 billion naira.

It would be recalled that Dyme recently slammed Hushpuppi for mocking and looking down on people who work for their money. Narrating further, she noted that while he knew he was living on stolen funds, it never really stopped him from looking down on others. Mocking him, she asked if he likes the orange prison jumpsuit.

Dyme wrote on her Instagram story:

“Imagine telling someone they’re not adequate to come back and sit with the rich people because of how they are dressed when they bought their clothes with their own money while you literally stole the money that you used to buy outfits with from the poor people. Karma may be a b*tch. Hope you like orange”.

Amirah who used to flaunt her love for Hushpuppi took to her Instagram page with over 3 million followers to share loved up photos with the mystery man.

She wrote;

“I’d never make him choose between me and his PlayStation. I’m just gon hurt myself”

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