Man Narrates How He Dropped Out Of Medical School At 500L And Ended Up As Barrow Pusher

Man Narrates How He Dropped Out Of Medical School At 500L And Ended Up As Barrow Pusher 5

A 43-year-old man, in a new interview, has revealed he dropped out as a 500 Level medical student at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State and ended up a porter, pushing a wheelbarrow for a living in Gboko town, Benue State.

Read the interview in part:

Is it true that you attended University of Ibadan?

Yes, I was admitted into the University of Ibadan in the 1996/97 session (as a medical student) and by 2000 I moved on to the teaching hospital, UCH (University College Hospital) but I dropped out when I was in 500 Level because I was suffering from severe depression, which made me lose interest in medical school. Though at a point I tried to go back, the authorities did not allow me.

Is it true that you recently attempted to castrate yourself?

You know how the issue of sexual urge torments one when you don’t have a wife, coupled with your religious beliefs. I am someone deeply involved in religion and I read about Origen Adamantius, one of the early church leaders from Egypt, who paid to be castrated so that he would not be bothered by sexual urge. It was in an attempt to do the same thing that I removed my right testicle but there was a heavy flow of blood, so I abandoned it (castration) and rushed to hospital.

Why did you carry out the surgical operation on yourself?

I had earlier visited three doctors because I wanted a safe procedure but they declined; so I decided to do it myself.

What gave you the confidence to do it?

It was based on my medical experience in medical school. I got the local equipment to do it with stitches, antibiotics as well as other things. But in the process of removing the testicle, there was too much blood, so I had to terminate the surgery.

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