Staff Tells Boss To Transfer 100% Of Her Salary To A Church

Staff Tells Boss To Transfer 100% Of Her Salary To A Church

Staff Tells Boss To Transfer 100% Of Her Salary To A Church

A lady has left social media users confused after she instructed that her enter salary be transferred to a church.

This has caused mixed reactions on social media, whether her boss should honour the request, as some argue that it is unethical for a boss to send a workers salary elsewhere.

Taking to social media, Nigerian radio personality and talk show host, Toolz Oniru revealed that one of her staff asked her to transfer her entire salary to her church.

According to the radio personality, the request is sort of weird and makes her feel uncomfortable.

Toolz Oniru wrote;

“One of my staff just asked that I transfer her entire salary to her church. She’s free to do what she wants to of course, but it does make me feel some type of way.”

See some reactions to her post below;

@bakaresimbiat: I’ve experienced this before. My staff asked me to transfer all her salary to her pastor. Later hat month, she started complaining she didn’t have transport fare to come to work.

@OgundipeAbolaji: Haaaaa! If you have to transfer to her church’ account please investigate oo. Forward to her account and let her send it herself to avoid sending money to a cult group.

@KingsleyAmazing: As much as she has the right to what should be done with her money, Doing this might have a ripple effect on you later if she can’t survive the next month, your sympathy will be needed then. Send the money to her, let her do what she pleases with it, and hold her accountable.

@ThatauntyCoco: This is the thing a lot of people dont understand! Nigerians love to manipulate people and squeeze sympathy out of you.Yes its her money so she can do whatever with it but it usually falls back on the head of the employer.
Send her the money, let her transfer to the church.

@lanreigh: As a corporate org, always pay your employees salaries directly into their accounts. She can transfer it to wherever she wants thereafter!

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