Student Spends $3,000 To Transform Into Real-Life Mermaid

Student Spends $3,000 To Transform Into Real-Life Mermaid 4

Student Spends $3,000 To Transform Into Real-Life Mermaid

A 22-year-old student, Corrine Hinton, has spent 3,000 US dollars on mermaid costumes and learning how to swim with a fish-like fin so she can be a real-life mermaid after being inspired as a child to look like Disney princess Ariel.

After spending so much money to look like a mermaid she now appears so realistic that she is using her obsession to make money as a mermaid actor for children’s birthday parties.

Student Spends $3,000 To Transform Into Real-Life Mermaid 5

Corrine’s passion for mermaids started when she visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in 2005 at the age of seven, and met the red haired mermaid princess from the classic 1989 film.

Student Spends $3,000 To Transform Into Real-Life Mermaid 6

Corrine, from Easton in Pennsylvania, who is a student of Environmental studies said: ‘I met Ariel when I was younger and that just sparked everything for me. ‘As soon as we met and I saw her in real life I knew what I wanted to do.

Student Spends $3,000 To Transform Into Real-Life Mermaid

‘It felt like I was meeting a celebrity and from then on I wanted to be just like that person. ‘To date I’ve spent about $3,000 on costumes. My most expensive tail cost $1,000 on its own.

‘I suppose it is a double life that I lead and I am proud of it.

‘There’s a place called Dutch Springs nearby where lots of us meet up to swim, take photos and live for a while as a mermaid.’

Corrine added: ‘I just love the mystery of mermaids. Are you a fish or are you a person? ‘I like feeling mysterious and got obsessed very quickly.

‘I started taking it much more seriously when I was 18 and I bought a silicone tail that cost $800. ‘I also started making my own tops because it breaks the bank a little to keep paying for tails all the time.’

‘It all started when I was just practicing in a community pool and I got asked to perform at a party by a parent.

‘I ended up getting quite a few requests and now I just get people reaching out to me on Instagram. ‘When I go along we play water-based games and sometimes I’ll just swim in the pool whilst a party goes on. ‘It all depends what the parents want but wherever I can I try to teach kids about the environment and why it is important.’

See video of Corinne showing her skills below.

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