Biden touts middle-class values of his $2T spending plan

Biden touts middle-class values of his $2T spending plan 5

President Joe Biden is heading to his hometown Wednesday to highlight the middle class values of his $2 trillion domestic agenda package, now scaled back but still an unprecedented attempt to expand social services for millions as well as tackle the rising threat of climate change.

“It’s where my values — of hard work and treating others with dignity — were set,” the president tweeted. “Those values are at the core of my agenda.”

Biden and his Democratic Party are racing to seal agreement on the legislative package after laboring for months to bridge his once-sweeping $3.5 trillion vision preferred by progressives with a more limited focus that can win over party centrists. He has no Democratic votes to spare for passage in the closely divided Congress, and leaders want agreement by week’s end.

In the mix: At least $500 billion to confront climate change, $350 billion for child care subsidies and free pre-kindergarten, a new federal program for at least four weeks of paid family leave, a one-year extension of the $300 monthly child tax credit put in place during the COVID-19 crisis, and funding for health care provided through the Affordable Care Act and Medicare.

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