“Coronavirus Pandemic Is Not Ending Soon As We Want” – Father Mbaka

“Coronavirus Is Not Ending Soon As We Want” – Father Mbaka

“Coronavirus pandemic Is Not Ending Soon As We Want” – Father Mbaka

Reverend Father Mbaka of Adoration Ministeries has revealed that the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the entire world is not ending soon.

The clergy man revealed in a long lengthen post of his official facebook page.

He wrote:

“The Lord showed me in the spiritual realm and i saw the end of the pandemic. The pandemic is not ending soon as we want. I saw numberless flies dead which could mean multitude will die from the pandemic in the World.

“Pray these prayers for you and your family to be save from the pandemic. Read Psalm 46 and these prayers. 1. Father Lord, it is under your shadow i hide myself and my family 2.

Father Lord, i laminate my blood with heavenly anti-virus 3.No Matter who shall die, i shall not be among them 4. Corona virus shall not kill me and any member of my family. 5. Whatever that happen to the World negatively, i shall not partake from it.

“Now i pray for you just Amen; 1. you shall not die of Corona Virus 2. Corona Virus shall not come near your dwelling 3, By the power that divided the red sea, i put a gap between you and Corona Virus 4. God shall keep you as his Apple Eyes 5. You shall not be infected with Corona Virus

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