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Coronavirus: Tunisia To Close Borders And Airspace




Coronavirus: Tunisia To Close Borders And Airspace

Tunisia has announced it will be closing its land borders and airspace to all commercial activities from Wednesday, in a bid to protect the country from the spread of coronavirus.

Health officials say the number of confirmed cases has risen to 24.

The latest announcement by Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh comes three days after a 16:00 curfew was announced for restaurants, cafes and bars.

All commercial flights are to be cancelled, but arranged evacuation flights will be permitted. Trade and cargo will not be affected by these measures.

Gatherings at markets, public baths, and celebratory events are now banned. Working hours will also be reduced to five hours a day, over two shifts, to reduce crowding on public transport.

More than 2,000 people have been ordered to self-isolate this month. They include people who’ve traveled from countries with high infection rates, as well those who’ve been contact with confirmed coronavirus patients.

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