Derek Chauvin Found Guilty Of Murdering George Floyd

Derek Chauvin Found Guilty Of Murdering George Floyd 5

Mr. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, has been found guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

The death of Mr. Floyd spurred the largest civil rights protests in decades.

When George Floyd was killed by the police in Minneapolis last May, the case drew comparisons to the death of Eric Garner six years earlier in New York.

The two men uttered the same dying words to the police officers forcefully restraining them: “I can’t breathe.”

But in Mr. Garner’s case, none of the officers who pinned him on a Staten Island sidewalk and placed him in a banned chokehold ever faced criminal charges. On Tuesday, Mr. Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, said she was glad to hear that Derek Chauvin had been convicted of murdering Mr. Floyd.

“I am elated because, finally, we did get some justice,” Ms. Carr said at a news conference in Manhattan after the verdict was announced in Minnesota.

A grand jury found that the officer who had placed Mr. Garner in the chokehold in July 2014 had not committed a crime. Federal prosecutors declined to bring civil rights charges. And it took the New York Police Department five years to fire the officer, Daniel Pantaleo. Only one other officer, Sergeant Kizzy Adonis, was disciplined.

Ms. Carr has spent the last six years speaking out against police misconduct. She stood beside Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in 2015 when he signed an executive order assigning a special prosecutor to investigate police killings of people who were unarmed. And she pushed for the successful repeal of a law shielding police disciplinary records. The police and city lawyers had invoked it to block her attempts to learn more about the case and the officers involved.

Ms. Carr attended Mr. Chauvin’s murder trial and watched parts of it on television, but she said some moments were too intense to watch. She said she spoke with Mr. Floyd’s family on Saturday, prayed for them and told them to expect a positive outcome.

“It was as if I was watching my son’s trial,” she said, although her son’s case never made it to court. “But watching this, this gave me a glimmer of hope.”

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