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Enugu Man Chains His Wife To A Pillar In Ebonyi (Photos)




Enugu Man Chains His Wife To A Pillar In Ebonyi (Photos)

An Enugu man, Uche Chukwuani, on Monday 27th July, chained his wife – Mrs Ngozi Chukwuani, to a pillar and left with the key to the padlock.

The man chained his wife to a pillar inside their home at No 1 Ike street in Abakaliki. Afterwards, Uche fled with the key to the padlock.

It was revealed that the couple’s daughter attempted to save her mother from her father’s beating but the father hit his daughter’s head with the same chain he used to restrain his wife.

Mrs Chukwuani was later rescued by men of the Ekeaba Police division. They employed a welder to cut through the chains to free her.

Mr. Saint Nchekwube Anakor, Special Assistant (SA) to the State Governor on Security and Utility, Capital City, disclosed the incident to Journalists in Abakaliki. He said the victim was chained for 18 hours before she was rescued.

Enugu Man Chains His Wife To A Pillar In Ebonyi (Photos)

According to him, the couple are married with children. They are both from Enugu state.

Anakor said he brought a Welder who came and cut the chain before the woman could be freed, as the husband had fled with the key of the padlock.

He said policemen from Eke-aba division Abakaliki had visited the scene and were already investigating the matter. He assured that the man must be apprehended and made to face the law.

Anakor said: “This evening at no.1 Ike street, Mr Uche Chukwuani chained his wife to a pillar in their building and ran away with the key. Thanks to Ekeaba police whose timely response saved the situation.

“I had to send a welder who cut the chain. One question kept on coming to my mind, what did this woman do to warrant being chained like a dog by her own husband. Does whatever transpired warrant such dehumanization?

“Most people act in ignorance. Nobody has the right to chain or tie any human being, because it is against the law.

“Presently, he is on the run, but I wonder how long he could run because we must catch him. I thank the residents of that area for giving us timely information.

“I advise people to be wary of their actions; ignorance is not an excuse in law.

“I am always on patrol till daybreak, expecting to hear from you. The neighborhood watch are stationed in every part of the town protecting ur areas. Reach out us for any challenges.”

Mrs Chukwuani told Tribune that her husband had earlier threatened to deal with her because his mistress is suffering.

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