Cliq Exclusive: Dr. Crystal Akpan Didn’t Commit Suicide – Family

Cliq Exclusive: Dr. Crystal Akpan Didn't Commit Suicide - Family 5

Late medical doctor, Crystal Akpan’s family, has come out to debunk the widely-believed news that he committed suicide.

Speaking to Cliq Nigeria, his family member who gave his name as Michael stated that the family are heartbroken with the news making rounds that he took his life.

He, however, made a statement available to Cliq Nigeria.

It reads:

It has become imperative that the public is abreast of the following facts:

That Late Dr. Crystal Obadiah Akpan was a Senior Registrar at the Cardiology
unit, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital and by virtue of the said
position he wrote several professional exams and passed.

That on the 21st October, 2021, the deceased came back from office and
started complaining of body weakness without more. A team of doctors (his
colleagues) from UCTH were invited to his residence to examine him and they
said all his organs were in good condition. The doctors thereafter gave him some malaria medication and left. The wife further took him to see a professor
in the cardiology unit, at UCTH for further examination.

The deceased continued to complain of body weakness and loss of energy as
was observed from the tone of his voice until his unfortunate and sudden
demise on the 26th day of October, 2021 at his residence and all effort to
resuscitate him at the hospital failed.

That the hospital elected to conduct an autopsy on him to ascertain the cause
of death, the result of the autopsy has not been presented to the family despite
several demands for it and the reason given by the hospital is that, the result is
not ready.

That it is beyond callous and reprehensible to upload the picture and name of
the deceased on social media as a news item that he committed suicide even
when the of death has not been known.

That it beat our imagination how the marauders of this mischievous news
came to the conclusion that the deceased committed suicide by drinking snipe.
The questions begging for answers are: was there any suicide note? Who is the
source of this news? These question and more shall find answers at the
appropriate time.

That the deceased was a practical Christian who until his demised served God
at the Unical Chapel of Redemption, Calabar; a quintessential Medical
Practitioner, a father who love and cared for his family and will never do
anything to hurt anyone let alone himself.

That the continuous circulation of the watered down and abridged version of
the events that led to the deceased demise and aftermath of his tragic death
failed to capture the magnitude and essence of this truly unfortunate debacle.

That by this press statement, members of the public and blogs carrying false
information about the deceased should desist forthwith, retract the said
malicious publications and apologize publicly to the family, failure to do so,
will leave the family with no choice but take legal action against them.

That in view of the above, the bereaved family expresses gratitude to the
deserving members of the public for their unalloyed support and in the same
veins would like the public to respect the dead in these trying times. May the
soul of Late Dr. Crystal Akpan rest in peace. Amen.

Casper Obadiah Akpan
(For the family)

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