#JusticeForAlex: Dentist allegedly kills student with wrong injection

#JusticeForAlex: Dentist allegedly kills student with wrong injection 4

#JusticeForAlex: Dentist allegedly kills student with wrong injection 5

A dentist has been accused of killing a student of the Federal University, Gombe after wrong drug administration, and reportedly fleeing afterwards.

The student simply identified as Alex, paid a visit to the dentist at the General hospital in Gombe State but died after he was allegedly administered with Adrexyl which led to his death and the dentist is reportedly on the run.

Social media user Margaret Ebulue and some of his friends are calling for justice for Alex.

She wrote;

This is Alex,a student at Federal University,Gombe his only offense was that he visited A Dentist at the General hospital,Gombe yesterday where he was administered the wrong Injection,Alex is Dead the Doctor is on the run we want #justiceforAlex

Uhe Dentist is on the run,according to report I got,this was the injection he used on him

Update: I just spoke to his younger brother,Joseph ogbonna he said the dentist in question was not even a dentist and he was a Lab technician who posted as a Dentist as according to him his brother was administered an injection which he complained of headache,and another which he now destabilized him, that was the moment caught on camera, he was later revived and told to wait ,his younger brother now told them to pump out what they had plan to removed when he his brother had reacted to the first time,he was told that he would be fine,no need

Do doing that, they took him home, bought drugs they were asked to buy which turned out worst,they had to come back to the hospital,made a call to the main doctor,who later arrived,was attending to Alex and he died 

He died of wrong prescription&unprofessional attention

#JusticeForAlex: Dentist allegedly kills student with wrong injection

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