Lawyer Sues Lagos State Govt. Over Okada Ban

Lawyer Sues Lagos State Govt. Over Okada Ban

Lawyer Sues Lagos State Govt. Over Okada Ban

Human rights lawyer and National President of Revolutionary Lawyer’s Forum, Mr. Tope Akinyode, has dragged the Lagos State governor, Speaker of the House of Assembly and Attorney-General of Lagos to court over the ban of commercial tricycles and motorcycles popular referred to as Keke and Okada.

Lagos residents have expressed displeasure over the difficulty in the movement since February 1, 2020, when a ban on Okada and Keke came into effect.

Tricycles and motorcycles are widely used by Lagos residents attempting to escape the city’s monstrous traffic.

Challenging the ban in court, Akinyode said the provisions of the law and its execution are a violation of the citizen’s fundamental human right to freedom of movement and to own moveable properties as enshrined under Sections 41 and 44 of the constitution.

He said, “It’s an insensitive piece of legislation which seeks to deprive citizens their fundamental rights to move without restraint or purchase moveable properties of their choices which the constitution allows.

“If the government feels a need to regulate vehicular movement, it should go to Apapa and remove the trailers which have turned that axis to a parking lot and are constituting monstrous agony to the people of Lagos State.”

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