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Man Accuses BBNaija Elozonam Of Sleeping With His Wife, He Responds




Man Accuses BBNaija Elozonam Of Sleeping With His Wife, He Responds

A Nigerian man based in the United
Kingdom has accused his wife of cheating with BBNaija Elozonam and series of other men, including a photographer he tagged.

According to the man identified as Olamide, his wife has been sleeping around with different men who she claimed were her friends.

The heartbroken man revealed that he married his wife recently in Ikoyi registry because he was processing her papers for her to meet him in the UK.

Olamide in his tweet, said their official white wedding was scheduled on November 28 but that he wants a divorce. He also shared screenshots of his wife begging him to delete his tweets.

However, Elozonam has responded back to the man as he denied having an affair with the man’s wife as he demands an apology.

He tweet;

My attention has been drawn to the tweet of Michael, spouse of Defunke of this morning the 27th of September 2020 about a chat that happened in January 2020.

I did not sleep with his wife and that he ambiguously put out a statement, tagged my handle and led people to believe otherwise is highly offensive.

He then put out a tweet to absolve me of the allegations and on that note, I demand a full apology and retraction of the statement he made.

Meanwhile, Micheal clapped back as he said his not retracting his statement.

He wrote;

I ain’t retracting shit. I never said you slept with her and I owe you no apologies.

You asked for chocolate and she said come and collect it from her breast? Yes or no? If yes how do I owe you an apology?”


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