A Man Can’t ‘Rape’ His Wife, He Owns Her Body – Anita Joseph

A Man Can't 'Rape' His Wife, He Owns Her Body - Anita Joseph 5

A Man Can't 'Rape' His Wife, He Owns Her Body - Anita Joseph

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph, in a new video which has caused buzz online, said a wife should never accuse her husband of rape, even if he gets intimate with her without her consent.

In a video she made with her hubby, the actress opined that a woman’s body is the food of her husband and should be ready for him whenever he needs to ”feed from it.” She says the only time she would frown at a husband is when he assaults his wife just to have s*x with her.

The actress who got married to her hubby in February this year, believes it is wrong for women to tell their husbands they aren’t in the mood for s*x.

According to her, when a wife is not in the mood, she should just open her body and when her husband penetrates her, she will eventually get into the mood for s*x.

She captioned the video:

You are not in the mood? Open it. When he enters, you will be in the mood”.

Watch the video below…

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