Nigerian Pharmacy Sells Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate For N50,000 (Photo)

Nigerian Pharmacy Sells Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate For N50,000 (Photo)

Nigerian Pharmacy Sells Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate For N50,000 (Photo)

A Nigerian music director has taken to his Twitter page to share photo of the price tag on Hydroxychloroquine sulfate which he bought in a Port Harcourt pharmacy.

The drug became highly sort after when a Nigerian-trained US-based medical doctor said she has used a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax to treat over 350 Covid-19 patients and none died.

Since the video of the medical doctor went viral, the price of Hydroxychloroquine sulfate in Nigeria has skyrocketed, with some Nigerians claiming they bought theirs for N90,000 in some pharmacies.

In their reactions on Twitter, some Nigerian with knowledge of pharmaceutical products explained the differences between Hydroxychloroquine sulfate and the popular malaria drug, Chloroquine Phosphate, which is quite cheaper.

Reports have it that Hydroxychloroquine sulfate is quite expensive and very much more potent than Chloroquine Phosphate, as each drug is used for different medications.

See some reactions:

*** There is a difference between chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, and their prices are very different as well. We learn everyday.

*** Shebi they said it is small pharma that is making chloroquine for the masses. All of the Chloroquine noise that America has flooded the world with is DT and his friends trying to cash in very quickly.

** I have to use this for Lupus. I’ve been using it for 8 years. My budget for drugs has never been as high as it has been in the past 5months. This is crazy!

** Why are you buying the drug? That’s the problem. People that actually need the drug (which is used for other ailments beyond malaria and covid) are finding hard to keep up with their medication. When people start stocking up on drugs they dont need this is the natural result

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