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Obi-tuary: Reno Omokri Defends Sam Omatseye After Offensive Article



Reno Omokri has defended Chairman of The Nation Newspaper Editorial Board, Sam Omatseye after he wrote an article with an offensive headline against Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party.

Omokri, an ex-aide of former president Goodluck Jonathan took to Twitter to attack those criticizing Omatseye.

Omatseye had stirred controversy by using an offensive headline in an article against Obi, with many people frowning at it.

Reactin, Omokri said:

“You say your movement is not linked to IPOB. Yet, look at what you are doing to Sam Omatseye. Is it not exactly the same IPOB strategies you used on me? Go and study how IPOB operates. It is the same modus operandi these guys are using.

“Death threats, organised social media bullying, the foulest insults known to man, propaganda photos, attacks on Mr. Omatseye’s ethnicity, and members of his family, etc! By their fruits, you shall know them.

“Sam Omatseye is one of the most intelligent men in Nigeria bar very few. We belong to different political camps and almost polar opposite philosophical persuasions, but he is a near-genius with the pen. And a million IPOB mob posing as something else can’t bring him down!

“May God bless and protect Sam Omatseye and his family from these IPOB mobs in disguise. In Christ’s Name!”

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