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Pharmacist Dies After Taking Drug He Made To Treat Coronavirus




Pharmacist Dies After Taking Drug He Made To Treat Coronavirus

A 47-year-old Indian man has died after consuming the concoction he created alongside his boss, to help battle coronavirus.

His boss is recovering in hospital after also drinking the corrosive chemical.

The pharmacist’s boss who also consumed what the pair had hoped would be an effective treatment for the virus that has infected four million people across the globe, has also been hospitalized.

According to The Indian Express, the owner of Sujatha Bio Tech, along with his employee, tried to invent a cure for the deadly virus, but ingested a “corrosive chemical used to refine petroleum during testing.” This led to the death of the employee, K. Sivanesan.

The 47-year-old died instantly, local police chief Ashok Kumar said.

The two men worked for a herbal medicine firm and were testing their remedy, a mix of nitric oxide and sodium nitrate, at a home in southern Chennai city, in effort to defeat the infection that has resulted in at least 2,000 deaths in India.

Police chief Kumar said Sivanesan bought the chemicals from a local market and created the formula after carrying out research on the internet.

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