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Plane Crash Leaves 19 Persons Dead In Congo




Plane Crash Leaves 19 Persons Dead In Congo

17 passengers and two crew members are feared dead after a small aircraft they were onboard, crashed into a densely populated area of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo this morning November 24th.

The plane, operated by the company Busy Bee, crashed during takeoff for a flight to the city of Beni, a government official said in a statement. The number of fatalities is not yet clear.

The Dornier plane was en route to Beni, 350 kilometres north of Goma (220 miles), when it went down.

“There were 17 passengers on board and two crew members. It took off around 9-9.10 am (0700 GMT),” Busy Bee airline staff member Heritier Mamadou said.

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