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Six Nigerians Fined $2,500 Each For Partying During Lockdown




Six Nigerians Fined $2,500 Each For Partying During Lockdown

A Ghanaian court has fined six Nigerians around $2,500 (£2,040) each for attending a birthday party during lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Gatherings were banned under a three-week lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, which has now been partially lifted.

The six pleaded guilty.

They are to serve a 5-year jail term if they cannot pay the fine.

At least 50 people are said to have been at the birthday party in the Accra suburb of Teshie.

But the police say they only managed to arrest six people while the rest are still at large.

Similar prosecutions are ongoing across Accra.

Ghana has lifted restrictions on movement imposed in parts of the country, but the ban on public gatherings and school openings is still in force.

The country’s borders remain shut for two more weeks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Ghana has recorded 1,042 confirmed Covid-19 cases and nine deaths.

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