President Trump To Give American Seniors Free Coronavirus Vaccine

President Trump To Give American Seniors Free Coronavirus Vaccine

President Trump To Give American Seniors Free Coronavirus Vaccine

United States President, Donald Trump, has told American seniors that his administration will swiftly deliver a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

He announced a new public-private partnership to deliver a possible vaccine to senior citizens in the US for free.

During a speech in Fort Myers, Fla., Trump announced that his administration would partner with CVS and Walgreens to immediately deliver a vaccine directly to nursing homes at no cost to their residents.

The president said his administration is aware that the pandemic, has killed many in the US and disproportionately impacted the senior population, as he pledged to have 100 million doses of a vaccine available by the end of the year.

“am deeply aware that America’s 54 million seniors have borne the heaviest burden of the China virus,” Trump told an audience at the Caloosa Sound Convention Center & Amphitheater.

“Many older Americans have endured months of isolation, missing weddings, birthdays, graduations, church and family reunions.”

“My message to America’s seniors today is one of optimism, confidence and hope. Your sacrifice has not been in vain. The light at the need of the tunnel is near. We are rounding the turn,” he continued.

Trump’s speech comes as he seeks to shore up his support among older Americans less than three weeks from Election Day, as polls indicate his support among the senior population has eroded.

The US president initially insisted a vaccine could be ready before the election, contradicting predictions from public health experts, but has recently adjusted his comments as potential vaccines continue to undergo trials.

The speech was billed as an official address but quickly became political, as he oscillated between promoting his own agenda and attacking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, warning ominously that America’s seniors are “under threat from a radical left movement.”

“While you’re losing precious time with your loved ones, he’s been stuck in a sand trap at one of his golf courses, and when he does decide to lift a finger, it isn’t to help you,” Biden told a socially distanced gathering in Florida on Tuesday.

“While he throws superspreader parties at the White House, while Republicans hug each other, without concern of the consequences, how many of you have been unable to hug your grandkids the last seven months?” he added.

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