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Woman Seen Twerking On Top Of A Coffin At A Funeral (Video)




Woman Seen Twerking On Top Of A Coffin At A Funeral (Video)

A woman left people’s jaw dropped after she twerked on top of a half-open coffin during a funeral ceremony.

In a new video which has been shared online, the young woman is seen sitting astride the coffin and dancing to the reggae music. She made a number of sexual moves and even leaned into the open part of the coffin to blow a kiss as she twerked.

Mourners watched this display in the middle of a road in the city of Manta, in the province of Manabí, Ecuador, and filmed with their phones.

A large crowd of men are seen cheering in high spirits as the music blasts from a loudspeaker.

Woman Seen Twerking On Top Of A Coffin

Prosecutors believed he was a victim of an apparent robbery and was attacked when he resisted.

Diego Bolaños, Chief of Operations of the Manta District Police, explained that six bullet holes were found in the area of the attack, of which three hit Marlon.

He added that Marlon had no criminal record.

Watch the video below…

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