Arsenal Star Mesut Ozil Slammed By Piers Morgan For Pay Cut Refusal

Arsenal Star Mesut Ozil Slammed By Piers Morgan For Pay Cut Refusal 4

Arsenal Star Mesut Ozil Slammed By Piers Morgan For Pay Cut Refusal 5

Arsenal fan Piers Morgan has laid into Mesut Ozil over his refusal to accept a 12.5 per cent wage cut for the next 12 months amid the coronavirus crisis.
The Gunners yesterday announced that they had reached a “a voluntary agreement with our first-team players, head coach and core coaching staff to help support the club” at what they called a “critical time”.

The coronavirus pandemic is set to have a major impact even on the vast finances Premier League clubs boast, with Arsenal looking to cut costs on their £230million wage bill.

Had every player agreed to take the 12.5 per cent cut, they would have said £25m across the next 12 months.
And Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan this morning tore into Ozil for refusing to get involved.

Last night, Morgan had already tweeted: “Disgraceful, but no surprise – Ozil’s been getting £350k-a-week for doing nothing since 2017.”

And following up on his criticism on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain, the Arsenal fan fumed on the ITV Breakfast show: “Shame on you Mesut Ozil, shame on you!

“So let me get this straight, some of the younger players on far less money than you are taking a 12.5 per cent pay cut – a minuscule drop in the ocean for you – and you don’t want to do it?

“Because you want to see how the financial situation plays out while you’re sitting on your backside playing PlayStation every night rather than actually playing football? Really?

“Now I’ve preserved my condemnation for football clubs who have been furloughing, using taxpayers’ money when they’ve got plenty of money themselves – Liverpool, Newcastle, Tottenham, all got shamed into doing u-turns on this kind of thing.

“The players I thought were getting a bad wrap – this is why some of them deserve a bad wrap. People like Mesut Ozil, who just said no.

“‘No, sorry, no, I may be the highest paid player at Arsenal, I might be one of the highest paid players in the world, I might be worth gazillions and I might be sitting on my backside at the moment doing nothing but no, I’m not going to take a pay cut.’”

Co-presenter Susanna Reid added: “Shall we compare and contrast to someone who definitely hasn’t been sitting on their backside – Captain Tom Moore.

“I do believe his efforts for the NHS have now raised £27million. A stellar example.”

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