Barcelona To Help Pedri Become Like Philippe Coutinho

Barcelona To Help Pedri Become Like Philippe Coutinho

Barcelona To Help Pedri Become Like Philippe Coutinho

Barcelona has been blessed with a 17-year-old promising player – Pedro González Lopez, better known as just Pedri.

The youngster joined the Spanish giants from second-tier team, UD Las Palmas, and has now been making waves throughout Europe.

Pedri was given a chance by Ronald Koeman in the match against Juventus and he made full use of his opportunity by helping the Spanish giants to a famous win over the Italian powerhouse.

The 17-year-old has a lot of commendable abilities, his ability to run with the ball, find quick passes, and shrug off defenders with speed. His display against Juventus left fans craving for more and his duels with Juan Cuadrado showed that he is more than capable of dealing with players who are physically stronger than him.

However, being an attacking midfielder who also needs to perform defensive duties sometimes, he needs to build up his muscles more to compete day in and day out with more physically demanding players. Barca’s fitness coaches have also realized this and they say that they will transform him into the likes of Philippe Coutinho.

This is a very good comparison to make as the Barizilan had the same body structure and profile as Pedri but ever since his loan to Bayern Munich, Coutinho has wildly transformed himself into a much more well built and intimidating player. Pedri also realizes the need to bulk up. However, when Getafe’s coach suggested that people who do not have a body like Adama Traore are at risk of being left behind, the youngster gave a short and crisp reply,

“I prefer to have a yard in my head and to think a second quicker than a rival that has more muscle,” Source Sport.

Pedri is also still growing and any sort of excess external stimulation might cause more damage than good thus the Barcelona coaching team should take care of the talent. At home, Pedri has a brother who is a professional chef and helps him maintain a proper and balanced diet.

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