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Chelsea Player, Ross Barkley Is In Search Of His Nigerian Father




Chelsea Player, Ross Barkley Is In Search Of His Nigerian Father

Chelsea player, Ross Barkley has reportedly has revealed he is ready to search for his Nigerian father who is said to have abandoned his mother when he was a kid.

Before now, reports had it that the 26-year-old football star is a Nigerian even though he has not come out publicly to confirm or speak on the situation.

According to reports, his Nigerian father Peter Effanga left Ross’ mother in England when the Chelsea star was just one year old.

And since then, the mother has been taking full responsibility raising Ross up alone before becoming a football star.

Brila FM claimed exclusively that Ross Barkley is currently looking for his father adding that he has not seen him ever since he was one year old.

“There’s one thing he wishes to do and that is meeting his father who is a Nigerian but left his mother when he was very young and hasn’t seen him since then.” the source said.

Ross bears his mother’s maiden name Barkley instead of his real father’s name Effanga who was a construction worker with the railway in the United Kingdom.

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