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Buying A New Car Is The Worst Investment You Can Make – Reno Omokri



“Bank Alert Can Cure Depression” – Reno Omokri

Popular social media writer,  Reno Omokri is of the opinion that buying a new car is the worst investment anyone can make.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote;

”The owners of Gucci, Armani and Louis Vuitton are already billionaires. You are not a billionaire. You are not a millionaire. You are not even worth $100,000. They don’t need your money. You need your money more than them.

Invest in your future, not their future! In fact, nobody on Earth needs a new car. Absolutely nobody. What you need is a reliable car. Except it is an antique car, buying a new car is the worst investment you can make.

The moment you drive it out of the dealership, 15% of its value is gone. Spend your money on assets that put money in your pocket!”

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