COVID-19: Skool Media broadens e-learning in unity schools with Edmodo App

COVID-19: Skool Media broadens e-learning in unity schools with Edmodo App

COVID-19: Skool Media broadens e-learning in unity schools with Edmodo App

THE intervention of Skool Media Nigeria Limited in exposing students to their studies through e-learning has snowballed into greater dimensions. The e-learning was put in place to fill the gap created due to the closure of schools nationwide as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement by Mr. Sola Oluwadare, Head of Corporate Communication, Skool Media, with this new development, the students and teachers of the 104 Federal Government Colleges across Nigeria will particularly be the major beneficiaries. This new intervention, which has kicked off immediately, enjoys the support of the Federal Ministry of Education.

Unity Schools Virtual Learning is designed to run on a virtual classroom platform called Edmodo, while Telegram will be used as a clearing house to organize the students and share critical updates on the programme. Edmodo is a robust virtual learning platform that has the capacity to accommodate the entire population strength of all the Federal Government Colleges. Edmodo enables the building of network among “Unity School communities”. This makes schools and classrooms across the nation to grow their professional learning networks and work with a community of educators.

It houses high level student-teacher interactivity using multimedia features which include videos, quizzes, polls, scheduling and voice engagement. Also, Edmodo’s unified database is a great feature that allows teachers measure the progress being made by their students. Educators can see student’s grades and participation levels with this feature, and they can even see how students react to the activities and discussions being held in the classroom.

The intervention, which has been code-named “Unity Schooks Virtual Learning” is being handled by a team of 102 edutech experts and personnel to provide a robust hitch free virtual learning experience. The management of Skool Media, led by the Director and Chief Executive, Mr. Moses Imayi, has already created two telegram groups, code named “Unity Schools Virtual Learning (Senior School) and Unity School Virtual Learning (Junior School) to distribute starter packs and class codes instructions to students and selected teachers for the programme.

This information helps educators to understand the perspective of students to their lessons which further strengthens formative assessment. Since the lockdown began three weeks ago, experts from Skool Media’s subsidiary, EDUFIRST.NG have built a robust archive of learning materials and video resources weaved around the approved curriculum and scheme of work of the National Education Research Development Council, NERDC.

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